Boxless Political

Boxless Political is a project, created by Boxless Media, that studies the role of social media in political campaigns. In 2004, many strategists attributed Barack Obama’s campaign success to his use of social media to motivate, inspire and capture the votes of young people. At that time, social media was for the young. Today, the fastest growing populations on Facebook and Twitter are people 55 and over.

Now that we know that social media transverses all age, gender and racial demographics, it is critical that we look at its use by political candidates to get their messages out. With this in mind, Boxless Media, a leading digital agency in Chicago, studied the candidates that ran for office in during the 2014 State of Illinois elections and was able to predict the winners with a 93.75% accuracy. Then, Boxless studied the candidates that ran in Chicago during the municipal elections of 2015. Boxless looked at the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as well as the websites of each candidate. After an analysis, grades were assigned to each candidate to judge their social media.

Candidate’s websites were graded based on:
✪   Up-to-date content
✪    E-commerce capability
✪    Interactions
✪    Social media integrations
✪   And, Aesthetics

Then, we looked at their social media and graded them on the following metrics:
✪   Facebook – Fan base, number of posts and engagement levels
✪   Twitter – Follower base, number of tweets, engagement levels and share-ability of posts
✪   Instagram – If an account exists, fan base, number of posts, share-ability

A complex, multi-level algorithm was created incorporating more than 20 different metrics to create a scorecard and grade for each candidate. Then races were predicted based on those scores.

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